Awaylee concentrate flavor combination of man and nature, giving people the power of the United States.
Awaylee is strong. Perspective is not a deliberate distance from the condescending strong, but after experiencing precipitation clearly doing something not done; strong is good control and distribution of energy, eager to know when to give up and leave, but also how to clear deep inside timely and decisive expression. Under the strong appearance, Awaylee wearer’s heart is always hidden in a romantic little girl, curious and enjoy fairy tales, quirky but pure quiet. She has incredible good taste, love art, and everything related to the content and nature, the United States has a strong heart acumen, to find the tiny beautiful and understand the power of simplicity.
Has always been pure. Simple. Elegant style for Awaylee, since the birth of the brand, with a strong sense of pure sense of the contours and high-quality fabric technology, attracting fashion lovers. Designer shops in the country has a good reputation and customer base. As the birth of two brand Awaylee still a long way to go, for the dream of love and insist that it is our eternal power and conviction. Awaylee Focus on the Combination of the Breath of human and Nature Giving People the power of Beauty. Awaylee is aggressive. aggressiveness is not a deliberate Distance and condescending strong, BUT after experiencing precipitation, Understand What to do and What not to do. Strength is good control and distribution of energy. Be aware when to give up the desire and leave, how to clearly see the deep inside and express timely and decisively. Beneath the strong appearance, Awaylee wearer hides a romantic little girl in the heart forever, full of curiosity, enjoying Fairy Tales, Quirky, Pure and quiet. he HAS Incredible good taste, as Well as art Loves Everything associated with Natural. She HAS a Keen Antennae of Beauty, Finding good at the power of Simplicity. Simplicity, Purity and Elegance have always been the style of Awaylee. Since the birth of the brand, with a strong sense of the outline, innocence and high-quality fabric technology, it attracts fashion lovers. It has a good reputation and customer base in Designer’s stores throughout the country. As a two-year-old brand, Awaylee still has a long way to go. The love and insist for dream is our eternal power and conviction.

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