ELISA CAVALETTI FW 2014-15 Collection

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported on this journey. It doesn’t matter whether it is a dream or reality. I want to take you to a world without borders, where my home is always open, every room houses a story and every story is a memory. My memories have the flavour of northern fairy tales, the colour of the Mediterranean and the profile of the mountains. My memories are imprinted with a love of art, in all its many forms, and scented with childhood and tradition, the scent of the family. They also have a colour: white, the source and origin of everything, the beginning, purity and creation.
This journey does not unfold during any particular season, whether autumn or spring, in daylight or at sunset.
Come with me and discover this tale of love for life. You are here, now, and this is already eternity. The meeting of souls united by a shared passion.
It is the gentle touch of linen fabric, the reassuring warmth of a living nature, the magic of life that is transformed and moulded, that dresses and adorns you, making you the king and queen of your world.
Eternal moments of a life that has been lived. Past, future and present. Mine has the eyes of my children Elisa, Riccardo and Eleonora, and the heart of Giuliano. My present is in Arte Pura, in the patterns of Elisa Cavaletti and Riccardo Cavaletti. Expressions from the heart and tales of life experiences.
My existence is in the words I write, the transparencies of my soul, which is incarnated in every object that surrounds me, infusing it with itself and leaving a memory behind.
Remember me. Because I already remember you.
Give me your passion, your art and your soul. I have already given you mine.
You are already part of my enchanted world, where everything real acquire unreal nuances.
Go on this journey with me.
This is who I am.

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