About her…

Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik was born in Vinkovci in 1973 in the astrological sign of Aquarius. Stars and the fact that she grew up by the side of her family’s craft knitting machines, made out her life path. Craving for creativity and innovativeness encouraged her to enroll design and forms in textile and fashion clothing on the Textile Technology Faculty in Zagreb. The diploma obtained in 1999 and the membership in the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH) binded her life firmly to her biggest passion – fashion design.

About her work…

Thanks to her exceptional talent and the wish to materialize her original ideas, Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik, already at university, gets invited to numerous fashion shows both in the country and abroad. It was a great way for the fashion lovers to meet her, not only Croatian, but also ones from Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Her noticed work brought her British Council development scholarships in Italy and Great Britain. In the following years, she presents her work to audience through her own fashion shows, but also by taking part in big fashion happenings such as Fashion Week,, Fashion closet and Golden pin. Exploring the limits of fashion design, she cooperates with distinguished institutions like Gallery ULUPUH and the Archeological Museum in Zagreb.

About her design…

A fabric line is her guideline. Growing up in a family appreciated by long tradition of manufacturing clothes, Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik’s design is attached unbreakably to knitwear, material which used to be her favorite toy, whilst today knitting is a media through which she expresses herself, her emotions and her impression of the world. She often combines knitwear to different fabrics which she finishes up by coloring and adding handmade details. The result of such playing with patterns, structures and colours is unique clothes suited to modern women with a strong feeling of individuality. Participating in designers fairs round Europe, she received first hand confirmation of successful spreading of her fashion story from the local and regional level towards an universal one.

About fashion studio Etna Maar

At the end of 2004 Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik founds the fashion studio Etna Maar, engrafting her creations with the label “e;Etna Maar”e; at the same time. It is a symbolic name charged with energy of Etna, the miraculous volcano in Sicily, and Dora Maar, a self-confident, eccentric photographer from the period of surrealism. That energy is weaved into every object signed by Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik. The idea for every new collection transfers the first particles of positive energy, and new ones are accumulated by every following stroke of pencil, scissors or a needle. Thanks to that, her studio rightfully gets called fashion ordination. In fact, Etna Maar’s clothes encourage the person who wears it, to show the whole beauty of his or her magma.

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