Argentinian couple Gastón Frydlewski and Mariquel Waingarten came together with compatible experience, a readiness to risk and a transparent desire to spend more time together. HICKIES is the story of a brand that grew up in love. When Mariquel heard her then-boyfriend’s idea for HICKIES, she recognized the fundamental need for the product to exist, because she, too, had a nagging annoyance with the twisted silhouette of shoelaces. So they decided to set up a Kickstarter page and test the concept. The Kickstarter campaign yielded them 600% more than their goal. Fast forward: Gastón and Mariquel got married, quit their day jobs and moved to NYC. In less than a year, by combining their passion and skill sets, they’d built a viable, burgeoning global company. Today they live in Brooklyn and happily work together every day. HICKIES was their beginning—and only the beginning of what the pair will originate and collectively achieve.

HICKIES was born from a desire to identify an unseen need and deliver a brand new solution—all with a dose of ingenuity, creativity and love.

Sneaker design is one of the fastest evolving industries on the planet, but one thing has remained persistently the same: laces that tie into a dainty little bow. To us, the slackness of shoelaces felt at odds with sleek footwear designs—and also a hindrance to even the simplest athletics.

HICKIES are stretchable, bow-less sneaker fasteners that prove traditional lacing might not always be optimal. For fashionable, active people, we set out to change the status quo by introducing a flexible, clever and fully customizable alternative.

We knew it would take some education and justification to change lifelong bow-tying routines, but three years in, our entrepreneurial experiment has gained bona fide traction. Plus, we’ll never stop innovating.

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