Philosophy: Our focus is to be truly awesome in all we encounter. Rock it because you can. Live it because you have one shot at life. Share your passion. Have no regrets. Set
yourself apart from the everyday norm and veer away from mass trends. Know that we are all unique, for strength lies in differences, not similarities. Live curiously, think what
nobody has thought, know who you are, and know what you want. This is Nobis. Inspirations: Our passion comes from random thoughts, with a multitude of questions
without answers. We have hope of turning dreams into reality. What if we did this… what if we did that? Why are we told what’s hot and what’s not? Whatever it is, we realize we
will never be perfect, just simply unique.

We find inspiration in all that surrounds us: Life and everything it has to offer, childhood memories, kids, good friends & family, people watching, vacations, road trips, rainy days,
camp fires, log cabins, the city, beer, getting lost, spacing out, being lost in confusion, silence, laughing out loud, snowboarding, skiing, bikes, ATVs, dirt-biking, sunny days,
Saturday mornings, sunsets, Algonquin, The Bruce Peninsula, The Lake district, plonkers, snowmobiles, anything fast, beer and wine, fishing, funny stuff, dogs, eating lots fast,
guitars, dancing weird, poutine, beer, music, books with pictures, details, beer, art, yarn, creating anything from scratch.

A special thank you to the Nobis family: First, to Kenneth for believing in Nobis, to our valued Retail partners and our dedicated Agents and Distributors, Robin, Desmond,
Victoria, Sharon, Daniella, Holly, Francesca, Holly V, Kevin, Norman, Andrew, Tak, Giselle, Anita, May, Yvonne, Christina, Vincent, Alan, Mimi, Matt, Elena, Simon, all our
talented hat makers, Lil’ Kyle & Liam, Lil’ Brigade, Lil’ Emma, Lil’ Summer, Lil’ Hugo, Weed-man, Tim, Sue, Robin’s granny, photographer Mark Darren, James, Chris & Vince,
Ricky Bobby, Luna, Leroy Brown, Paris, Molly, Kola and Dundas … to all those who continue to inspire us, and everyone who has made Nobis possible, thank you.

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