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Of all the places in the Americas, where old Propliners still fly their tours of duty, the South American Continent has the most extreme scene of air cargo transport. The cargo pilots battle the daily discomforts of the high altitude. Low oxygen levels exhaust the man and the machine, while the capricious mountainous climate reveals itself in sudden snowstorms, that appear out of nothing, and temperature-drops of 25 degrees Celsius within just a couple of hours….

PME Legend finds Legends not easy to explain in words, but the cargo pilots with their classic planes, you can feel it and sense it all over the place…this is the right stuff, an absolutely authentic ‘no sweat’ attitude as condors they fly over the mountains into the jungle and back, in pure freedom unlimited.

The sweaty, oil-dripping circumstances of the job don’t match with suits. Instead, some rugged, stonewashed T or shirt fit better in this demanding environment, in which pilots also help in the loading-operations, refuelling, maintenance and pre-flight inspections.

PME Legend understands that this tough job asks for easy and practical gear-to-wear.

PME Legend American Classic gear earned its wings in this zone, as an indispensable piece of cloth for withstanding the extremities of the hard work and the rapidly changing weather-conditions.

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