After years of experience and inspiration in he fashion and advertising world, we decided to follow our passion. The passion for the most sensual and luxurious yarn in this world – Cashmere…

The intensity and softness of cashmere combined with a sleek and modern design. This is the spirit of Stephan Boya. Our pieces are designed and manufactured in small quantities which makes our products exclusive and unique.

We believe that people today are looking for a different type of luxury experience – We also believe that people want to connect with brands in a more meaningful and deeper way. That is the starting point for us…

We’re aiming to take a new approach to what we call “Real Luxury”. This is not based on scarcity or a very high price-point but rather the emotional attachment You develop to the things around You. We’re used to thinking about luxury as something that has to to with something un-attainable (because of the price or because of the rarity, or a combination of the both.) Breaking with this “old” way of seeing things we’re proposing a new way of thinking about luxury…

What if “Real luxury” is purely about the emotional connection to things around You? What if this has just to do with Your relationship? (Gone is the old-fashioned way of looking at exclusivity and luxury purely based on someones purchasing power – nowadays it’s really more about someones ability to curate a lifestyle.) You develop a relationship with these things that You really don’t need – but You still cannot live without them! Your emotional connection is so strong that You just need to have it – even if it’s not essential.

We’d like to suggests that this is the future of luxury fashion.

“Selbstverständlich” is a german phrase that we at Stephan Boya have fallen in love with and that we aspire to. Around the office we throw it around a lot when we sometimes need to explain why we like something – or why we should do something… In english Selbstverständlich is loosly translated as “being natural”, “of course”, “it’s self-evident” or “it’s obvious”. It’s a phrase that You casually throw into a conversation with a shrug, and sometimes with raised eyebrows – a soft way of making a point about something that should be very obvious and… Well, yes – Selbstverständlich.

We’d like to think that what we do here at Stephan Boya – luxurious fashion – has this obvious, but still hard-to-pinpoint feeling. This feeling You get when everything just smoothly falls into place and You find Yourself smiling on the inside. This gut feeling that “this is just right” that we all know but sometimes have a hard time explaining.

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